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Şimdiki Zaman-Present Continuous

Şimdiki zaman;

  1. Şu anda olan eylem ve olaylar

  2. Her zaman olan eylem be olaylar

  3. Gelecekteki planlanmış eylem ve olayları


anlatmak için kullanılır.

Present continuous tense in Turkish is used to tell;

1) Current actions and events

2) Always happening action and events

3) Planned actions and events will be in the future.

Yol Tarifi-Giving and asking directions

There is a video related to directions. Firstly, we watch the video then we practise it by using a map.

This video (a Turkish song) is related to Simple Present Continues Tense. There are exercise pages.


“Ek fiil” is added after nouns and adjectives to make them proper noun sentences. It is the equivalent of “am, is, are” in English.

Noun Sentences (Simple Present Tense)

Görülen Geçmiş Zaman-The simple past tense in Turkish

Geçmişte gördüğümüz ve şahit olduğumuz olayları, duygu ve düşünceleri anlatmak için kullanılmaktadır.

The simple past tense in Turkish is used to talk about past actions and events in which we were the witness or we were in the event.

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