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At your Home,  at your Office

or Online

This page is prepared for my potential students in order to give information about my teaching method and to share basic Turkish subjects. Updates will be continued. 

Turkish private lessons for Adults and Children 

Structural Contents of Lessons

  • Speaking

  • Reading

  • Listening

  • Pronunciation

  • Writing


Process of Lessons

Learning New Words

A course book is followed during the lesson so that students can know what he/she has studied and will study. Also, I share extra documents, records and videos in order to make richer the lesson.


The lesson starts with a speaking activity to refresh previously learnt material. Then the lesson moves on learning new words and reading, pronunciation, listening, speaking and writing.


During the lesson we make role-play, watch videos, sing Turkish songs, play games. In this way both you will entertain and you will take great pleasure in learning Turkish.

Unknown words are explained in Turkish and examples are given. In that case,  perception is made easier by using body language.


Additionally, I prepare flash cards and exercises in order to make easier to memorize words. You can reach the files by using following link.



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